Upright Land & Tree is registered with the State of New Jersey Board of Tree Experts as a Licensed New Jersey Tree Company (NJTC) with a Licensed Tree Care Operator (LTCO) always on Staff.  Complying with all OSHA and ANSI Safety Standards, Upright Land & Tree ensures to always proceed with the utmost caution on every job.

If you suspect that a tree on your property may be suffering from an ailment, having a Tree Expert conduct a Tree Assessment, can aid in the early prevention of property damage and the spread of infestation by weakened or unhealthy trees.

The removal of trees, shrubs and stumps is critical when a tree suffers from severe disease, poses a safety risk, or is damaged by inclement weather (i.e. Wind Storm, Tornado, Hurricane, Excessive Rain and Extreme Heat or Cold).

Large Caliper and Evergreen Treelines add a sense of elegant aesthetic to any property, while also providing just the proper amount of privacy for your property.

Our native premium firewood stock is a direct product of our local tree removal services. We season our firewood a minimum of 9 months to 1 year, always measuring the internal moisture content to ensure it is 20% or less.