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Upright Land & Tree's native premium firewood stock is a direct product of our tree removal services. As it has been found that some individuals pets appear to be sensitive to Kiln-Dried wood, we utilize the old-fashioned method of Natural Air-Drying of a minimum of 9 months to 1 year as our seasoning process. To ensure our firewood's water content is always on point, our woods center is measured using a Moisture Meter device, confirming a W/C reading of 20% or less. We provide our clients with various purchases options from firewood bundles for lesser use, to True Half Cord or Full Half Cord options, as well as carry Flavored Pizza Oven Wood in Cherry, Maple and Hickory.

Our firewood is always professionally delivered neatly stacked on a wooden recycable pallet for quick placement and secured by shrink-wrap to ensure uniformity, which should be removed upon delivery. In times of inclement weather (i.e. Excess Rain or Snow), as our Firewood Stock is stored outdoors the wood may dampen, however as our firewood had already fully seasoned (dried) beyond the recommended time-frame, if the shrink-wrap is removed upon delivery, it should dry back to optimal W/C limits within a few days. 



Newly cut firewood, also known as Green Wood, contains a water moisture content of 66% to 80% depending on the type of wood, which prevents it from burning correctly, if it burns at all. Burning newly cut firewood generates a great deal of toxic smoke and highly induces creosote buildup in chimneys, thus it is recommended that firewood be seasoned a minimum of 6 months prior to burning, retaining a moisture content of 20% or less.


The drying process via Natural Air-Dry method generally takes no less than 6 months and entails drying both the Molecular Water and Free Water from the wood. The Free Water is the water located on the outer layer of the wood, which includes the Bark, Cambium and Sapwood, while the Molecular Water is located in the center of the wood within the Cell Walls, which includes the Heartwood and Growth Rings. Drying times can be upward of 9 months to 1 year for denser woods such as Ironwood and Osage Orange. Another popular way of drying wood is Kiln-Drying, which utilizes a dehumidifier to dry the wood at a much quicker rate.

NJ Native Firewood Hardwoods | Upright Land & Tree | Somerset, NJ
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