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(Updated January 1, 2024)

General Service Schedule:

Upright Land & Tree's availability generally books up for the season within the first 3 months of year (January through March), so to secure a time-frame for comprehensive Land and Tree projects (requiring more than a full day), should be done so within the time-frame denoted above, so that the client may be accommodated into the seasons schedule adequately: 

  • General service days are Monday through Saturday from  8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (weather permitted).

  • Emergency Storm Cleanup Services are offered both during routine business hours and off-hours.

Note: All scheduled services are weather permitted, thus may vary due to growth and weather conditions.

Billing & Payment:  

Some Land services require an upfront % deposit for Labor and/or Material Costs, which is due upon the client’s agreement for Upright Land & Tree to render services (upfront % deposit prices vary, per the requested services of the client).

  • For services that require upfront % deposits, the installment payments and/or remainder of the balance, is due the days indicated on the service agreement, unless otherwise agreed upon between the client and Upright Land & Tree.

  • Unless otherwise specified, All Land, Tree and Storm Cleanup Service requests by clients, mandate full payment upon services being completed. 

  • Service Transactions in excess of $5,000 require payment via Check, unless otherwise agreed upon.


Late Fees:

  • A payment is considered late if it is not received by the due date listed on the bill and will incur a $25.00 late fee charge. 

  • An additional $25.00 late fee charge will be added to the bill for every month in which the bill is considered past due.

General Service Disclaimer: 

Please be advised that all damaged lines and utilities within the property lines, not marked and/or disclosed to Upright Land & Tree, are the responsibility of the property owner. Hence, cables, sprinkler/drip systems, lighting, etc. Therefore, Upright Land & Tree will not be responsible for damaged sprinkler heads that are malfunctioning, or installed improperly, private lines and/or any other lines not marked and/or disclosed. Please be advised that inclement weather and any other weather delays that occurs can affect all scheduled services, for all clients, for all services provided by Upright Land & Tree.


Terms and Conditions: 

Upright Land & Tree will initiate, lead, manage and conclude all contracted agreed-upon services, within the townships allowable ordinate days and hours, with or without the property owner’s physical presence. Upright Land & Tree will comply with all state and township ordinances, laws, rules, regulations and building and fire codes which relate to the work being conducted, including applicable health and safety legislation, and shall obtain any permits, or licenses necessary for its performance at the thereof date indicated on the contracted agreement. Upright Land & Tree will further be responsible for and will restore at its expense, all damages to the property of the client, caused by Upright Land & Tree in the performance of the work, as well as agrees to remove all debris and leave the premises in broom clean condition.


Complaints and Grievances: 

Receipt of a final payment from a property-owner, upon concluding a lands and/or tree project, certifies that the property-owner agrees that the work performed and services rendered were satisfactory. Any complaints and/or grievances following the receipt of a final payment will not be honored, if final payment for the project was concluded via the bodily meeting of the contracted parties at the serviced property, where a physical walk-through had, or could have taken place of the property. In the event the property-owner is not present upon the completion of the services being rendered, any complaints and/or grievances regarding services rendered must be submitted within 24 hours of the time of service, if not immediately. Otherwise, Upright Land & Tree will assume services were completed in a satisfactory manner, payment will be due and any delinquent alleged complaints will not be honored. Under all circumstances, as payment for services is not obligatory until services have been completed, the submission of any final payment to Upright Land & Tree, certifies that the property-owner performed a walk-through of the serviced property independently and deemed the work performed and services rendered as satisfactory.


Botanical Warranty (i.e. Shrubs and Trees): 

Upright Land & Tree attests that all botanicals are in good health when installed, therefore it is the responsibility of the property-owner, thereafter, to supply the botanical's with sufficient water and fertilizer during their growing season of (May through October) to keep them healthy. Upright Land & Tree assumes no liability for the replacement of botanicals killed and/or damaged by any of the following:

  • Weed overgrowth from mulch or topsoil, due to germination of dormant seeds prevalent in the soil

  • Botanical's experiencing seasonal die-back, that will be restored through pruning and proper care

  • Botanical's that have undergone shock due to transplantation

  • Botanical's ruined by Animals, Pests or Insect infestations

  • Botanical's not watered by automated irrigation systems

  • Botanical's damaged due to chemical application

  • Abnormal and Inclement Weather Conditions 

  • Or any other condition beyond our control

Property-owner Acknowledgement: 

Upon estimate approval, the property-owner will be asked to sign off on the estimate proposal, which has affixed the disclosure/disclaimer acknowledgements denoted above, and certifies that the property owner acknowledges that the estimate proposed provides an approximation of the costs to perform the work delineated, as well that the job may be subject to delay and/or extension in the event of inclement weather. The property owner also acknowledges and is in agreeance with the stated terms, specifics, details and recommendations of the contracted estimate and the adjoining terms and conditions and consents to the commencement of the stated services to be rendered at the property-owner’s residential location, between the time frame agreed to, or until the project is satisfactorily concluded, upon the signing of the estimate proposal.


© Copyright Notice

The unauthorized use, duplication and/or modification of any of Upright Land & Trees materials (i.e. Custom Images, Logos, Graphics and/or Videos) from this website, is strictly prohibited! Links to this website may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Upright Land & Tree and its website with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Please be advised that Upright Land & Trees materials are fully © Copyright protected and are protected under Creative Commons 4.0 International License, Attribution Only, No-Commercial and No-Derivatives permitted.


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