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As a Somerset Native, starting out at the age of 13 simply cutting the lawns of my fellow Franklin Township neighbors, I was compelled to succeed as an entrepreneur and strove to build my company from the ground up. I was proud to say that just shy of my 18th birthday, after a lot of hard work and dedication, my company was officially branded Upright Landscape.


Following successfully operating as a full service company for 20 years, the decision to gear toward becoming a niche company that solely specialized in the environmental aspects of the industry was the ultimate step! Having mastered all the diverse facets of the Landscape and Tree Service realm amid two decades, honing down to providing eco-friendly services alone was the end-goal.

The aim was not only to be known for the beautiful landscape creations and hardscape structures we once designed and installed, but progressively remembered for the preservation of our communities greenscapes, driving Somerset County toward a cleaner and greener future ... Re-branding the company Upright Land & Tree


The company's unique name was fashioned from not only strong ethics to always conduct business Upright, but also derived of nature's majestic to grow green's Upright, and because when you give your passion your all, there is only one way to go and that is Up ... right?


To this day my company remains run by my wife and I, and continues to devotedly and proudly serve Somerset County residents head-on. I stand by our word and my company's motto that Upright Land & Tree is "The last company you will ever have to call for all your land & tree needs"!

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