Upright Land & Tree is registered with the State of New Jersey as a Licensed New Jersey Landscape Company with a Licensed Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) always on Staff.  Complying with all OSHA and ANSI Safety Standards, Upright Land & Tree ensures to always proceed with the utmost caution on every job.

Drainage is an essential element to preserving your property and landscape. Drainage eliminates flooding that can kill lawn and even damage a homes foundation. Installing drainage allows excess water-flow and runoff to steer from vulnerable landscape areas.

Grading is the process of leveling or pitching the property to prepare dense and compacted soil for seeding, the installation of sod, new hardscape constructions, or for the purpose of diverting excess water away from the property.

The removing and disposing of underground elements such as roots and stumps generally requires excavation. Operator Services are often sought to remove old landscaping from a property for the installation of a new landscape.