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Aerating and Thatching are Key


Tightly woven patchwork, usually compiled of leaves, stems and roots, are known as thatch. When thatch becomes too thick, it can prevent new growing grass from finding the water and nutrients it needs.

Lawn should be de-thatched during cooler weather and never when soil is wet, or in the heat of the summer. Performing several treatments is usually necessary before lawn is de-thatched sufficiently.


Aerating a lawn allows essential nutrients such as Oxygen, Phosphorus and Potassium to better penetrate the roots of grass.

It is suggested, that the best time of year to aerate a lawn is approximately two weeks before applying the year's final fertilizer, or five to six weeks before the first frost.


Watering lawn either early, or late in the day, allows the water to penetrate into the soil prior to the days temperature setting in. It generally takes 1 inch of water to permeate 6 to 8 inches of soil.

Over watering washes away nutrients and encourages insect infestations, whereas shallow-watering eludes root growth and promotes the upsurge of weeds.

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