When to Use Herbicides and Pesticides

Somerset, Somerset County, New Jersey

Lawn nourishment is essential to growing even lustrous grass. Spring is the best time to apply a layer of compost to the lawns surface, which will aide in the soil retaining more moisture. Also knowing when to use Fertilizer, Herbicides and Pesticides can help you grow your healthiest lawn.

Photo by Pexel

Application of a nitrogen slow releasing Fertilizer such as Miracle Grow should take place before it rains in the beginning of the spring season in April.

Herbicides such as Roundup is used to kill existing weeds and should be applied in the early spring season in March, following the Aeration of the lawn (This should be applied by a professional).

To prevent weeds from germinating, the application of a Pre-emergent such as Preen should be done a few short weeks later, to promote healthier grass growth.

Photo by Pexel

As infestations can be detrimental to grass and plant growth, organic Pesticides consisting of Bacillus Thuringiensis are recommended to safeguard children and pets. Pesticides are best applied in the early fall season in September, because insects will lie dormant there-after for the winter.

However, once that new spring warmth arrives, those infesting insects will begin to swarm out, so ridding them from the soil and lawn at the right time is key.