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  • Marilyn Kopczyk (Landscaper'ette)

The Top Landscape and Tree Service in New Jersey!

Upright Land & Tree has been proudly serving Somerset, New Jersey residents for over 20 years. As a Franklin Township Native we take pride in maintaining our positive and reputable presence, by ensuring our customers satisfaction and employees safety are always top priority, while delivering nothing but the best of professional services.

Historically Upright Land & Tree began as a Lawn and Landscape company, but aptly expanded to a Landscape & Tree Service Company deemed being amid the Top 2% of 89k Landscape & Tree Service company's in New Jersey. Upright Land & Tree was recognized for its service quality and awarded Best of Service by the leading international home renovation corporation "Houzz".

Fully Licensed and Insured, and with a Licensed Tree Care Operator (LTCO) and Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) always on staff, Upright Land & Tree specializing in the following services:

Land Services

  • Landscape Grading and Leveling

  • Landscape Drainage and Downspout

  • Landscape Land Clearing and Grubbing

Tree Services

  • Tree Removal and Planting

  • Treelines and Privacy Bamboo

  • Native Premium Seasoned Firewood

Keeping abreast with modern communications and social trends, you can now find us on Instagram #OnsiteWithUpright sharing photos and videos of our most recent projects, as well as some behind the scene glimpses of the faces behind the company. To further engage our clientele we have also created the Land & Tree BlogSpot where we share various industry related Tips and Tricks with our audience.

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I don't just run the back-end of a Hubby and Wifey owned and operated Landscape and Tree Service Company, I am also a mother and nature enthusiast, who doesn't mind getting down and dirty, so don't be surprised if you catch a glimpse of me running equipment, or building garden beds.

With 20 years of experience immersed amid the landscape and tree service realm, Upright aim's to keep residents abreast with current green topics and issues, answer the most commonly asked industry questions, divulge property tips and tricks, and share where the city's green hot-spots are located, as well as provide aspiring Land & Tree'preneurs with industry basics and guidance. Visit us on Instagram #OnsiteWithUpright

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