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Do's and Don'ts of Planting

When it comes to spreading grass seed and planting, there are a few Rules-of-Green Thumb to follow.

DO seed in the early spring or early fall seasons (during rainfall seasons), as it is the best time of year for growing grass.

DON'T seed during the burnout summer season, or late fall, as the cool weather will not allow the seed to germinate.

DO keep the lawn moist, as it is critical for optimum growth, so continued daily watering is key during this time period.

DON'T use crabgrass preventing pre-emergent at least two weeks prior to, or following spreading grass seed, as it can prevent grass seed from sprouting.

DO preferably plant is the spring and fall seasons, as it is the prime time for planting, although it can be done all year round.

DON'T plant when the ground appears frozen and DON'T overwork the soil, or work with saturated soil. Working with saturated soil tends to compact the soil and break-down the soils structure, which will hinder plant growth.

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