Top 10 Reasons for Tree Removal

Somerset, Somerset County, New Jersey

There are numerous reasons clients may call upon a tree service for tree removal, anywhere from a safety hazard, to simply satisfying visual aesthetics. The removal of trees, trunks, branches and stumps is critical when a tree suffers from severe disease, or is damaged by inclement weather. Only in cases in which branches rub or cross, should individual branches be removed. A tree that is unhealthy, but remains standing, will ultimately lose its strength and upon collapsing can result in severe property damage, or to a greater degree, can cost lives.

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Top 10 Reasons for Tree Removal:

  • Tree poses a safety hazard

  • Tree obstructs view

  • Tree is damaged

  • Tree is unhealthy

  • Tree is diseased

  • Tree is dead

  • Tree is decaying

  • Tree is nonstructural

  • Tree is infested

  • Tree is rotted

Routine trimming and pruning improves trees overall health and also encouraging bud floral production. Specifically, tree pruning is performed prior to tree trimming, as pruning aides in protecting the tree from damage, while trimming encourages the healthy an hardy growth of trees and shrubs. Proper pruning not only allows a tree to grow to its fullest potential, but further permits the tree to reshape its branches and limbs, transforming it into a more quintessential state, that reinforces the trees structural integrity.