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The Basics of Lawn Care

It is recommended that Lawn in the northeast be cut on a weekly basis at a recommended height of 1/3. It is ideal to maintain a grass height of 3 inches for the Northern Hemisphere due to the severity of heat and sun exposure.

Lawns should be watered early mornings prior to the days temperature setting-in, because watering at night can initiate the growth of fungus and mold, due to lack of heat and sun exposure.

Utilizing a sprinkler system, lawns should be watered 3 times per week approximately 20 to 30 minutes per watering, which should provide the required 1 to 1.5 inches of water grass necessitates to remain healthy. ​

Grass should preferably be cut when dry to reduce the shredding of the grass blades, which can ultimately invite disease. Mowing should be skipped during times of drought or intense heat. Maintaining grass too short allows for excess sun exposure, which over-dries soil and does not afford plants the ability to produce energy for sufficient growth.

Conversely, while high grass levels promote root development and block excess sun, which instigates the germination of weeds (i.e. Dandelions and Crabgrass), maintaining grass too tall requires excess irrigation to maintain the high grass levels.

Over-watering can lead to runoff and large grass clippings do not decompose as short clippings do. Large grass clippings remain on the soil and can block the soil from obtaining the sun exposure required to sustain healthy lawn growth.

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