Gardens on the Rise amid Pandemic!

Original Press Release Date May 1, 2020

Somerset, Somerset County, New Jersey

Gardens are on the rise in the Garden State, amid the Pandemic, with home-growing becoming the more viable option! "No one ever actually expects the occurrence of a Pandemic that will not only change everyones everyday way of life, but more importantly, how and if they will be able to feed their families" states Dennis and Marilyn Kopczyk of Central New Jersey. These days with Prepping Culture and Survivalism becoming the ever-growing norm, as many others they personally make it a point to have rations tucked away for unexpected situations, such as a blackout, or inclement weather that may prevent travel to the local market, but it is always with the notion that it will be short-lived.

Observing nearly every consumable commodity become depleted and the cost of scarce goods skyrocket to exorbitant prices, I think has really put things into perspective for many. Although we have been blessed to make it through this calamity comfortably, we still found ourselves asking those harrowing questions. "If the high point of Pandemic had stretched months longer, would we have been able to survive on what we had"?

These unprecedented times have definitely encouraged us to better prepare for unforeseen future events more autonomously. With the vast array of methods today for preserving and storing highly expiratory foods like bread, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables, such as canning, jarring, drying, freezing and freeze-drying, home-growing to amass for the unexpected is becoming the more reliable route and most cost-effective option out there. In turn, the home-growing trend has allowed markets to conserve their goods for those who may be unable to home-grow.

Building Our Garden

Having a garden was not a new concept for us, as we have had a small garden for several years now, but revamping it to be structurally suitable for mass growing was indeed a venturesome task. Normally we would fill our garden with just a few of our favorite select herbs and vegetables, as Gardening was deemed just the casual springtime hobby, in which we would simply purchase ready-to-go greens in plant-form, in opposed to starting from scratch with seeds and parenting seedlings.