Best Greenery Scenery in Somerset

Somerset, Somerset County, New Jersey

Taking in naturesque greenery is a love-to-do for Central Jerseyans! You are sure to see a myriad of beautiful butterflies, singing hummingbirds, grazing deer and adorable rabbits, alongside some of the most breathtaking botanicals and greenery in all of Somerset's Parks and Trails, but here are a few key locations.

Colonial Park Gardens

A personal favorite that we visit annually with the family is the Colonial Rose Garden, also known as the Rudolf Van der Goot Rose Garden. This 1-acre Dutch Garden is the perfect place to not only take-in colorful botanic's, but to also learn about the 325 various native rose species. A stop at the adjacent Fragrance and Sensory Garden will add a lovely aroma to your outing, just before ending the days trip with a picnic on the lush grass, or under the gazebo, at the nearby 5-acre Colonial Perennial Garden.

A tour of the Colonial Park Gardens is just the beginning to a relaxing green-day out here in Somerset New Jersey. The 144-acre Colonial Park Arboretum is a must see for arborist, botanist, horticulturalist and plant enthusiasts alike, where you will find some of the oldest, largest and most extravagant tree species. This living-tree museum is abundant in native and foreign shade trees, flowering shrubs, evergreens and deciduous trees that surround a crisp lake.

Fishing and Trails

If hiking and biking is what you seek, than Blackwells Trail in the Six Mile Run State Park is the place for you! Depending on where you enter this 8-mile timberland, you are sure to enjoy the field of flowers and flowing river leading into the moderately dense woodland. This pet-friendly trail is suitable for hikers and bikers of all skill-level and offers a more rustic appeal, where you will surely enjoy the sights of natures scurrying furry-friends, beds of spreading honeysuckle and the occasional hanging Great Blue Heron.